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5 Ways To Get A Green Healthy Lawn

Do you love gardening and always dream of a lush green garden? If yes, continue reading this article to get some useful tips for turning your dull garden into a beautiful looking lawn.

Many people hire gardening companies or a gardener or to maintain their lawn because plants and flowers need attention and hard work to look good. The more dedicated you are the more your garden will look good.

The five steps below will help you in making your lawn look more beautiful and eye-catching.

Begin with a Soil Test

Soil is the essential part of a lawn because it determines the growth and the overall appearance of your lawn. It must contain all the necessary minerals to ensure good growth of the lawn. By carrying out the soil test, you will be able to know the pH level of your soil. pH level tells you whether your soil is more acidic or alkaline. The optimum pH level for a lawn is around 6.5-6.9% which is the neutral state. If your soil test indicates a pH level either higher or lower than the optimum level, you need to use supplements enriched with lime and Sulphur to neutralize it.

Use of fertilizers

After performing the soil test, the next step is to choose an appropriate type of fertilizer. For this, you need to consider your soil type, condition, and the result of the soil test. Fertilizers fulfill all the shortcomings present in your soil and promote more healthy growth of your lawn. If you are growing your lawn using seeds then use the fertilizers rich in phosphorous. The best time to fertilize your lawn is morning.

Mend the empty areas

To give your garden a better look, you must ensure that it is filled with greenery. However, sometimes you may observe empty areas present on your lawn. These empty areas look quite unattractive. They may appear due to the hot weather conditions, irregular watering, etc. In case these bare spots arise, repair these spots immediately by growing new grass.

Water Regularly

Water is among the key elements that your lawn requires. For a lush green lawn, you need to water it regularly. It is especially important in the early stages of growing the lawn as it helps in strengthening your lawn and also helps the root to grow stronger underneath the soil. Use of new technology such as moisture sensors is quite effective in watering your lawn properly.

Mow appropriately

The blades of your lawnmower must be sharp so that the roots of your lawn are not damaged by it. You should also be aware of the right length of your lawn at which mowing is required. Some types of lawns may require mowing at a taller length whereas some require mowing at a smaller length.

Bottom Line

The arrival of spring, the season in which nature glorifies itself, brings new hope to all those house owners who wish for a good looking lawn. You can transform your lawn into a lush green garden by following the simple steps discussed above.

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