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Are you a gardening lover and wondering about the best time and ways to seed your lawn? Continue reading this article as we’ll be discussing a few useful tips regarding when and how to seed a lawn.

Planting your lawn through seeds is a budget-friendly but a time taking process. It is also among the most effective ways of improving your current lawn situation and making it lush green for a more eye-pleasing look. To achieve a good-looking lawn, you have to put in a lot of effort rather than just randomly throwing seeds at any time.

Below are the few effective ways and the ideal time to sow the grass seeds.

Best time to plant seeds

It is important to sow the seeds in the right season so that the seeds are fully active to grow. The timing and growth of the lawn depend on the climatic conditions of your country and the type of grass you have chosen. Fall is the ideal season to plant the seeds because it is when the risk of weeds is lowest and the soil is softer and contains the moisture needed for the seeds to germinate. In case you are late, the next opportunity for you is the spring season. You also have to water your lawn regularly so that it grows well.

How to seed the lawn

Selecting seeds

Once you’re aware of the best time to seed the lawn, the next big step is to learn how to seed the lawn. Firstly, you have to buy good quality seeds, that suit your lawn well.

Soil Preparation

The next step is to ensure that your soil is clean and there is no previous grass present in it. This step is called soil preparation and it also includes leveling the soil either by walking on it or by using a rake.

Sowing the seeds

Planting the seeds require a lot of attention to avoid unwanted results. After you have bought high quality and suitable seeds and your soil is fully ready, the next step is to plant the seeds in the right quantity and ensure that every area is covered in this process. You must read the instructions manual that comes with the seeds package.

Now you have two options; you can either use a spreader or manually plant the seeds. There are different types of spreaders such as drop spreader which is ideal for smaller and tight areas, and rotary spreader that is suitable for larger areas. The advantage of using a spreader is that it is more accurate and precise and provides a good end-result.

After you are done with spreading, use the rake to further deepen the seeds. Once the seeds are planted, water them thoroughly and regularly until the grass starts coming out of the soil.

If you opt for manual planting of seeds, you can simply mark the areas and then, with the help of your hands, sprinkle the seeds on the soil.

Bottom Line

Growing the lawn through seeds is a very cost-effective way compared to turf but it requires patience and dedication. As a homeowner, you must know the most effective ways and right time to seed the new lawn.

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