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We proudly serve Vanderburgh, Warrick and Spencer Counties.   Some of those areas include: Evansville, Newburgh, Boonville, Santa Claus, Chandler, Rockport and surrounding areas.

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Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care Tips

Spring has sprun here in Southern Indiana and it’s now time to get your lawn in shape for the upcoming summer season.   Just a friendly reminder that we offer FREE estimates on your lawn service work.   Please give us a call anytime at 812-641-8110 and we will come out to your home or business and give you that FREE estimate.   Let our professionals take care of your lawn this season.   We are your local affordable lawn mowing option.

The clippings from your lawn helps keep your lawn green and healthy.   Instead of bagging your clippings, let your (or ours) mulch the grass clippings back into your yard.   Another cool thing you can do is plant some low growing pollinators.   That’s right, you should consider adding some clover to your lawn.    Clover is a nitrogen fixer and smells amazing when it gets mowed.   It also will stay green longer than your actual grass will.

In the springtime, you should apply a well balanced fertilizer.   It can be synthetic or organic, but either way, it’s critical you fertilize your lawn.   We recommend to start with a quick release fertilizer in March and April so you can give your lawn a boost and it will stimulate the recovery process after the winter season has ended.   If you would prefer to wait until later in the spring to apply a fertilizer, you should use a slow release product.    No matter which one you choose to do, your lawn will be happy if you fertilize in the springtime.

Let’s Talk Weeds

Weeds are all about prevention.   We recommend a pre-emergent crabgrass control in the spring.   Once your soil reaches about 55 degrees for atleast 3 days, you can apply the pre-emergent.   If temps stay in the 60’s and 70’s, your crabgrass will start to spread.   Spring time is also when you want to apply a broadleaf weed control.    This will help control the perennial weeds from popping up year after year.   Keep a close eye on your lawn and the weedy perennials such as fescue and bentgrass.   When you see them, you should pull them up and treat the spot with a broadleaf weed control.

Once late spring gets here, you should thatch your lawn.  Once you have done this, you can overseed your yard and especially hit the bare or dead areas hard.   Keep in mind, you won’t want to seed in early spring if you’re applying a non-selective weed control, or you will be killing your grass seeds too.

Now it’s time to mow your lawn.   We recommend picking up all of the sticks and other stuff that may be in your yard.   We recommend NOT mowing the grass too short as this is not healthy for your grass.   It’s best to mow regularly and not take off more than a third of the grass blades at one mowing.    In other words, don’t scalp your lawn.   We highly recommend cutting your lawn to 2.5 to 3.5 inches.   This will help keep your lawn looking great and keep it healthy.

Thank you for taking time out to read our little blog.   We appreciate all of our customers and we’ll treat you like family.    Your business is important to us.     Have a wonderful spring and summer.   Call us today for a FREE estimate.

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